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The idea of creating bags and Titta accessories was born in Florence in 2003 out of a collaboration and close friendship between two very creative people passionate about fashion. Which place could be better than the Renaissance's city, capital of taste and homeland of most famous Italian designers? The challenge was to bring a brand to life that combines the beautiful sights of Rome, the elegance of Milan, the uniqueness of Venice, and the charm of Florence. Titta brand delivers a new idea: it produces exclusively high quality products that are made in Italy.

Welcome to Made in Italy

An unmatched sense of design and style is Italy’s first and foremost export, and this is not happenstance. This wealth is founded on centuries of Italians making things beautifully and with care, by passing down traditional artisanal methods from generation to generation until those very techniques have become so refined we possess something like a gift of human creativity when we hold or wear a Made in Italy object today.

One needs only to think of few  names to understand the power of Italian creative intelligence on the international scene. Made in Italy means the marriage of masterful design and artisan technique. It means superior quality. It is what makes Italy unique among all others.

The articles "Titta" are made from the skins of Italian leather district of Florence, the high quality of the same causes the finished product communicates the excellent workmanship of the article.

The products are manufactured using traditional methods that allow them to stand out from the creations made in series with no unique features such as the fantastic products manufactured at our facilities and those of our associates.

The products have three quality control, production takes place in the first, the second control upon arrival in logistics, before sending the product undergoes the most careful control to ensure that the customer does not evidence any defect upon receipt. All products are supplied label, wrapped in a plastic bag, inside the package come with a cotton bag. Subsequently, the products are packed in cardboard boxes reinforced.

At this point the case was entrusted to the courier that will ensure the delivery to the customer in the shortest possible time.

The leather used for our items are the result of a careful research, the materials are always chosen with great care and skin experts.

High fashion. Italian style. Traditional craftsmanship. Global consciousness. TITTA embodies all these characteristics, producing exquisitely crafted luxury goods with a thoroughly modern sensibility.

Ever since genial Andrea Ceccotti and Olga Holmova decided to found the company in Florence in 2003, the brand has been a destination for the world’s most discerning men and women. TITTA represents the best of Made in Italy with its inimitable combination of opulence, high artisanry and contemporary glamour. Today, the company’s commitment to excellence continues under the vision of Creative Director Olga Holmova, who has enriched its legacy with an exacting offering of handbags, accessories, and critically acclaimed fashion collections, as well as  small leather goods, jewelry, fragrances, and other timeless lifestyle items. Every TITTA piece carries with it close to a century’s worth of artisanal quality and unparalleled design. To learn more about the brand’s 10 year history, visit TITTA  launch-boutique.

As TITTA readies for the future, the House looks to the next level of corporate responsibility. From sustainability to philanthropy, TITTA is committed to its role in the global community. It voluntarily obtained certifications that seek to progressively reduce its environmental footprint and is also actively involved in philanthropic initiatives that support both women's rights and arts preservation. In 2005, the Company entered into a long-term partnership with  organizations which realize women's and children programs in Africa and Asia. TITTA also collaborates with the European  Foundation to combat violence against women.




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